Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen designs are important when it comes to any home extension. The optimum layout of your kitchen should be looked at before you go designing plans for the extension part of it.  Compromising the kitchens functionality for grand design ideals is pretty pointless, as you will only regret it later on.  If you spend time evaluating the layout of your home and how you can make the new kitchen work along with it, you will inadvertently get the space working in your favour.  Make sure that the new layout will suit your current household and that everything within the kitchen is within easy reach and makes life as comfortable as possible for those who will use it in the future.  When you have worked out your preferred layout for the kitchen you can move onto the designing aspect of the extension.

  1. An extended kitchen could very well be the kitchen of your dreams, but make sure you have proper privacy from your neighbours.  Loads of extra space your new kitchen affords you can result in less privacy due to extra large windows.  To combat this potential issue, you can use blinds, roof lights and glass inserts which can be strategically placed.
  2. If you’re struggling for design ideas then simply flicking through a few home design magazines, or having a look in kitchen showrooms locally may be just the infusion of creativity that you were looking for.  If you see something that tickles your fancy, then tear out the page or take a few photos if its in a showroom.
  3. Meet with your kitchen designer and go through everything with them.  A clear, direct line of communication between both of you is equally as important as a good design.  Make your requests known and don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions.  The designer will be able to spot things that the builders won’t, and they will also be able to show you what is possible with the dimensions of the space available.